Transformation Chamber:

Materials: 1/4" plywood, brown or black spray paint, nails, plexiglass, 2 light bulb sockets, 2 dimmer switches, Bic ® pen, 2 soup cans, and 2 green party light bulbs

First you need to cut the pieces out of the plywood to make the box (see diagram 1). Second drill pilot holes so that the wood doesn't split when you nail the pieces together. Then nail it together. Next measure from the inside corner to the outside edge of the hole in the front (see diagram 1). Mark the plexiglass with those measurements and cut it out. Set the glass aside for later. Now cut out the two holes in the top where the lights will go (see diagram 1). The holes should be slightly in front of the objects you will be using for the transformation. If the light is directly above the objects it won't work. To cut the holes use a hole saw that is slightly larger than the soup can. don't cut all the way through, only cut in about 1/8" creating a small lip for the can to fit into. Now take a hole saw a little smaller then the can. Start it in the same center hole and cut all the way through the wood this time, creating the hole for the light to shine in. Spray paint the inside of the box with brown or black paint (just to add to the effect). Place the objects to be transformed into the box and put in the plexiglass (if it doesn't fit snugly you can use some epoxy to hold it in place). Lastly wire up the lights (see diagram 2) and you are done. If you want to add some old wires and switches, it can only add to the effect.
Transforms to: