Scary Face:
Materials: picture frame, any picture, 2 red LED's (from a store like Radio Shack), two 1k resistors, 9 volt battery, and wire.

First you need to find a picture you like. The best place to find pictures is on the internet. After you have your picture you will need to put it in the frame. Then put a piece of black paper behind the picture and cut 2 holes in the black paper where the eyes are in the picture. Next take one of the LED's and look at the 2 wires coming from it 1 of them will be shorter than the other. The shorter one is the negative side (-). take that wire and hook 1 end of a resistor to it. Then the other end of the resistor to the positive (+) end of the other LED. Now hook one end of the last resistor to the negative (-) end of the second LED. Finally hook the positive end of the first LED to the positive pole of the battery and the resistor coming from the second LED to the negative pole of the battery. Now that you have the circuit hooked up you can tape the LED's to the spots where you cut out the holes in the black paper. Put the back on the frame and you are done.