Grave Stones:
Materials: Poly Styrene foam insulation, soldering iron, marble paint, marker, brown or gray paint, black paint and or red, and steel dowels or re-rod.

First you have to draw the shape of the tomb stone on the foam. Then with the hot soldering iron slowly cut out the pattern ( be careful because the iron is VERY HOT and can burn you or melt parts of the foam that you don't want to burn). After you get it all cut out, you need to add an epitaph. It can be hard to think of them so I have some you can use just click on the link at the bottom. Now that you have the epitaph write it on the stone. You have to burn the letters into the foam for a more realistic look (be very careful because the foam melts fast). Next you have to put the gray or brown primer on the stone. After that is dry spray on the marble paint for the real tomb stone look. Once it dries the letters can be painted in with the red or black paint, so they are easer to read. Now your're done!