Bloody Skull
I'll tell you how to make a cheap plastic skull look much better. First you need to buy the skull if you don't have one. You will also need some realistic looking fake blood, craft glue, 1/2 drop of green or blue food coloring,small paint brush (ex. nail polish brush), and some tissues. To start mix the fake blood with some craft glue, also the food coloring until you get the mixture to the desired color. Next you need to tear the tissue apart so to speak (the tissues have  two pieces to them you only want one). Now tear a piece of the tissue and hold it on the skull, start painting the blood mix onto the tissue so that it sticks to the skull. Continue this until you have covered the whole skull with the bloody tissue. Let it dry for several hours (it will dry slowly). Now that you have finally finished painting and it is dry you can now add a coat of clear hi gloss craft sealer let that dry, add some eyes (I used flat metallic marbles) with super glue. Now you are finally done. I hope you like your new skull.
1/2 done
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