Haunted Bookcase:
Windows or Mac PC
Thin craft wire
Bookcase w/ Books
Spooky Face program (Download Here: Mac O/S X or Windows version)
Note: I did not make this program and if you are interested feel free to visit the programmers site HERE

This effect is based on the peppers ghost effect. You know the deal all smoke and mirrors well with out the smoke.. The object is to make it look as thought there is a ghostly head floating in front of a bookcase that will also be able to interact with you.
The first thing you need to do is to prepare your bookcase. If you are using light colored, or books that have allot of gold trim on them I suggest you download my book spine image and print out the required # of them to be placed on all of your books with some double sided tape (See Pic:1) (light colored books reduce the viability of the face). When printing it is suggested that you use glossy Photo paper. This will make your prints look more real. Now that you have your books under control lets get the placement of the Plexiglas figured out. Set your monitor in front of the bookcase, on its back side so that it is facing straight up in the air (See Pic:2). Next measure the opening of the bookcase and cut your Plexiglas to the width of that and a little higher than the height of the shelf. Drill 2 small holes in the top 2 corners of the plexi' and attach 2 lengths of wire to it (See Pic:3-A). This next step is best completed with a helper. With your monitor displaying the Spooky face program and your helper standing back several feet or where the passerby's will be. Start to tilt your Plexiglas until the spectator tells you that he/she can see the ghostly face that is being reflected from the monitor on the plexi. At this point attach the ends of the wire to the top of the bookcase with some duct tape and there you have it a ghost floating in front of your books (See Pic:3-B). All you need now is to place a Fasod around the monitor so it is not visible by passersby. Please read the ReadMe file that comes with the spooky face program for operation instructions. This effect can be done any where and does not need to be done on a bookcase. The bookcase was just where I chose to do it. I also added some black fabric around the bookcase to help mask the edge of the plexi and added some cheap LED usb powered lights to the books so that they are noticeable through the face and look to be real and not a projection. Below I have provided a video of this effect in action (sorry this video isn't the best quality I hope to maybe redo the video when I have time and update it to a better quality).
Above is the image you should right click and save to your pc for the spine of your books. You can add book #'s like I did with any photo editing program.