Wooden Coffin (FrightCatalog)
Strong cloths hanger
Dracula; mask, shirt & pants
1 animated remote control hand
1 static rubber arm

First  you need to assemble your coffin. After you have done that stand it up against the back of a dining room chair, with the open side facing out. Now stuff your pants with paper/foam. Attach them to the shirt with safety pins and stuff the shirt. Place your coat hanger into the shirt and hook it over the top of the coffin frame (See Pic: 1-A). Next cut a small hole in the back of your Dracula mask and slide the mask over the hanger and push the hook of the hanger out of the hole in the mask. Hook the hanger back over the top of the coffin frame. Lastly put your hands in the sleeves and pose them as desired. Turn on the animated one for a more realistic look.