Bleeding Grave Stone:
Foam Grave Stone
1/8 inch clear plastic tubing
½ inch clear plastic tubing
Small sheet of plexy glass (4"x6" is enough)
Mini Pump From Harbor Freight
Small plastic tote or planter box
Cheap soldering iron (those $2 ones)
Misc foam board, or plywood
Small plastic Food storage container ($1 store)
Metal strapping
Misc nuts/bolts & screws

First you need to decide where you want your stone to bleed from. Once you have marked those areas you can begin melting your holes with the soldering iron. Make a small hole straight through the stone and then on the back side hollow out a larger area above the hole you made being careful not to go all the way through. This large area is needed to reduce the force of the flow out the small hole. You will understand more later. Do the same for the rest of the holes you want blood to leak from. After that is done you need to make a frame that will fit around your holding tank at the bottom of the stone (the small plastic tote). This is done by simply cutting some foam board/wood to the size of the holding tank and sitting it in front of/around the sides of the tank (See Pic:1-A) Now Cut sections of plexy glass to cover the small holes & large spaces you melted into the stone (See Pic: 2-A). Now add two Z or S shaped blocks of foam to the back side of you stone (See Pic:3-A) , this will be used to support your distribution tank (small food storage container), as well as make a support so your stone doesn't fall backwards. Drill ¼ inch holes in the bottom of the distribution tank for the small hose that will go to each of the bleeding areas (See Pic:4-A). Next attach the distribution tank to the top of the foam blocks with the metal strapping (See Pic:5-A). Now push 1 end of your ¼" tube up into one of the holes in the distribution tank and run it to one of the large areas you melted above one of the small holes in the stone. Cut to length and repeat with your other holes. Place the end of the hose into the large space in the stone making sure not to place it all the way down to the small hole, and glue the plexy glass covers over the area with some rtv silicone (See Pic:2-B). Ok now that you have all your hoses set place your stone in your holding tank and attach the stone to it with the strapping (See Pic:5-B) (This is needed so that your stone doesn't try to float in the liquid). Drill a hole in each of the Z shaped legs and attach to the ground with some steaks (See Pic:3-B). Put your pump into the holding tank and run the ½" tubing up to the top of the distribution tank fill with water and food coloring and turn it on (See Pic:5-C). Note you will have to tweak the setup for it to function properly. If not all of the holes are bleeding you need to adjust the height of the tubes coming up through the bottom of the distribution tank so that all will distribute the right amount of liquid at the same time. Your best bet is to start them out all about ½" up in the tank and go from there if 1 doesn't seem to be working and the others are pull that one down a little and it should start to flow like the rest. If your pump is pumping more liquid than the thing can release you need to cut an overflow hole and stick a section of the ½" tube in it running down to the holding tank so as to not overflow. I know this all sounds weird bot if you look at the pictures below I'm sure you can figure it out. If not feel free to e-mail me and I will try to help.