Fog Chiller:
Materials: 5’ of 3” PVC pipe
8” of 2” PVC pipe
Two 3” to 2” PVC reducer fitting
Two 2” 90° PVC elbows
4”x4” screen materiel

This is a simple fog chiller that I have come up with that works pretty well. The fog chiller is made of a section of PVC pipe which is filled with ice to cool the hot fog and thus make it stay close to the ground, unlike the normal hot fog produced from your fogger. That tends to rise and make more of a cloud then a low-lying eerie ground hugging fog effect. You may have seen fog chillers made from a cooler and some chicken wire, but why waste a good cooler when u can make an equally effective chiller from some PVC you may have laying around.

First you will need to cut your PVC. Cut the 3” pipe to a length of about 4’ (I have seen a similar plan that used a 10’ section but I really don’t see why you would need such a long piece of pipe) and cut the 2” pipe as long as you like. Its just to attach to the output of your fogger I chose to make it 8” long. Next you will need to press the two reducers on the ends of the 3” pipe, once in place attach the two 90° elbows together to form an L place the screen materiel over the male end of the connected elbows (this is to hold the ice from going though the end of the pipe while you are filling it) and push it into one of the reducers on the 3” pipe. Lastly take the section of the 2” pipe and insert it into the remaining end of the elbows. Now all you have to do is fill the 3” pipe with ice and place the end of the 3” pipe over the fog output hole of your fogger and you’re all set! See pics below for a detailed picture of the completed project.