Quija Board:
The first thing you will need to make the Quija  board is a large piece of wood, or in my case I used an old cutting board. Now that you have a board, you will need some patterns. You  can find patterns easily on the netfor the letters just look though your fonts and find one that you like. Ok now take and tape the patterns onto the board so that you can start carving them out w/a dremel tool. (figure #1,2)After you have carved in the letters the board is ready to be painted. Paint all the letters and pics to add a little color to your board. (figure #3) After the paint is dry, it is time to stain the wood. (This step is up to you. You do not have to add any charms) At this point I went a little farther I took and drilled in some recesses, to put some metal charms in. (figure #4) After the charms were placed in to the wood, I filled the rest of the holes with some clear epoxy. When it was all dry I then sprayed the whole thing with a clear polyurethane. Make sure you put on several coats (15 to 20 is best).

What is a quija board with out an eye (the thing you put your fingers on) to go with it?
Ok ok, To make the eye you need to first draw it on a sheet of paper, once you have a design you like tape it onto a piece of wood. I used cedar. Here is the tricky part. If you have a jig-saw it should be easy to carve out, but I didn't have one so I did it the hard way. I used my dremel tool to carve most of the excess wood away. Then I sanded the rest off. Now if you want you can put a hole in the middle to see through. Next take and drill 3 holes in the eye, to hold the legs (one in the front, 2 in the back). Once all the cutting and drilling is done it is time to stain and polyurethane it. (figure #5,6) For the plastic piece that goes in the hole, I used the top from one of those gummy aliens that you can buy at almost any store that sells candy (it comes in a little clear tube with a plastic disc like top) for the piece you look through. All I did was place it in the hole with a little epoxy to hold it in place.  Lastly take some small wooden/metal dowals and glue them in the leg holes you drilledcongrats, you're done!!